...and he spends 1,265 not-very-well-written words telling us about it. No, it wasn't the Boston Marathon bombing that upset him, nor the plant explosion in Texas. It was that, well, we're all so mean to him.

Sanford took out an ad in the Charleston, S.C., Post and Courier to rehash his trespassing incident; to talk about how the Democrats are, of all things, spending money to win the election (please, God); to refer to his time as governor and how well he did, including this doozy: "We had the lowest travel expenses of any governor in the last thirty years and spent half of what preceding governors spent on travel."

Now if you're Mark Sanford, the last thing you want to bring up is travel expenses, wouldn't-cha think?

For some reason, he also brings up the Alamo, though gets the date wrong.

But that's our Mark. See for yourself.

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