I love Fox polls because they always asked the dumbest questions that support their far right-wing ideology.  They are particularly delicious however, when failing to deliver their daily "Obama is so bad" narrative.

So yes, we knew Fox would eventually make the Boston situation Obama's fault.  So they tried to start their full-court press with a fake, Fox poll...right?


This poll just ain't acting right, people. Check this out:


Surely America is outrage with the handling of the Boston Terror situation: Nope!!

1. 91% approve of law enforcement’s handling of the Boston bombings
2. 71% approve of the Obama administration’s performance
3. 55% approves of the job the media did  

Okay, major fail there--um, so how many people believe Obama is doing a better job than Bush protecting the country?

More generally, 69 percent approve of the job the government is doing protecting them from terrorism.  That’s up significantly from 50 percent the last time the question was asked on a Fox poll near the end of George W. Bush’s second term.  
But, but, but um, wait, I bet the democrats are fueling all of the support in this poll.  Um, no...we might want to check this:
Fully 82 percent of Democrats approve of the government on terrorism in the new poll.  That’s more than twice as many as in 2007 (40 percent).  For independents, approval is 71 percent now, up from 36 percent.  For Republicans, 55 percent approve today, down from 69 percent in 2007.
Oh...but the big grandaddy of them all is Obama!!!!  Surely he failed in some way with this situation.  Wrong again:
Throughout his term Obama has consistently received positive marks for his handling of terrorism, and he captures his best ratings on the issue today:  a 55-percent majority approves, while 37 percent disapprove.  
So folks, I actually tuned in to Fox and Friends to see what they were saying about their breaking poll and just guess what they said:

The economy is still the most important issue, terror is at only 9% and the majority is pleased with "law enforcement's" handling of the situation and Americans want Obama to deal with the economy.

No chart, no graphs...nada---poll be gone!!

Ha, ha, ha...stupid cons.

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