If Mark Sanford wasn't aware of how poor things are looking for him in SC-01 before, he seems to be well aware of it now.  Stefanie Bainum, a reporter for ABC's Good Morning Charleston, posted tweets earlier today showing Sanford taking part in a mock debate with a cardboard cutout of House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, held up by what I can only imagine is some poor communications or field intern.

And that's not all. Even as Sanford was speaking, a member of Sanford's campaign revealed to Bainum that there was in fact a debate scheduled.  For Monday.

It says quite a bit about the current state of the Sanford campaign that they are taking part in this profoundly transparent attempt to mislead voters.  Any attempt by the Sanford campaign to down play is still damaging, because then they would be making it clear that the campaign is not keeping it's own candidate informed.  To put it simply, I can't see a way this entire situation doesn't help Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

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