So with regards to the amount of "intelligence" that our various alphabet agencies acquire, utilize and supervise, the FBI stepped to the plate. In the following article, the FBI  informed  us citizens that  the only reason the various agencies dropped the ball on one Tamlin Tsarnaeva is because of their reluctance for the USA to become a surveillance state. (Source: UK's The Guardian" with the link to the article here:
http://www.guardian.co.uk/...  )

So even though Tsarnaeva was interrogated some five years ago, shortly after a trip to the Chechnia region of the former Soviet Union, and he was found to be scarey, for some reason his activities were not followed up on. (or so we are being told.) That would require more man power, and more resources, apparently.

Meanwhile, my friends at various Marijuana Liberalization orgs are telling us that some over the last few days, nine San Diego, Calif. dispensaries for state- approved distribution of Medical Marijuana were shut down.

Are the priorities of this Administration a bit ass backwards?

Yes, maybe we simply cannot afford the surveillance of the state approved medical dispensaries. It takes a lot of man power and monetary resources from DEA, DOJ, and even ICE to supervise those who support marijuana being grown, distributed and smoked. Perhaps if we convert the DEA and DOJ officials and agents in charge of supervising the marijuana grow movement,  to the real problem here in the USA, we could actually succeed in thwarting the tragedies that our various agencies should stop, but  don't.

Like others before me have stated, marijuana's "deadly side effects" include: sleepy, happy,  and hungry. The activities brought about by mad bombers include death, amputation of limbs and other injuries.

However, by converting these  vast resources to actual problems, it might not be possible to switch round our foreign policy. Without Nine Eleven, there would have been no justification for the two wars that have waged over the years. Without the April 15th bombing, our national policies toward the Chechnia region would not be effectively promoted. And in the wake of the new tragedy, think of all the money that can now be allocated to again beefing up DHS and the military.

And does any Adminsitration need to curtail activities on one front, such as the Drug War front, to another front, that is, the War on Terror front We have seen over the last few months that there is always more money to expand all the "wars" on everything - what with the nation's Social security system still having that 2.3 trillion dollar surplus.

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