From USA Today:

The conservative Club for Growth is not getting involved in Mark Sanford's campaign for Congress.

The Republican originally listed a $5,200 donation from the Club for Growth PAC on a campaign-finance report showing donations in the past 48 hours. The club and its members are big players in campaigns, and the date of the donation to Sanford comes a week after the National Republican Congressional Committee withdrew its support from Sanford.


""As a service to our members, we pass along contributions to candidates,"  (Barney Keller, a spokesman for the anti-tax group) said, making clear that the club is serving as a conduit. "We did not endorse Sanford in the primary, runoff or general election."


(my bold)

According to the Club for Growth, they never supported him to begin with. So was Sanford trying to deceive potential donors into thinking he had Norquist's backing? In the long run, I don't think it matters much. A highly influential GOP group with tax positions virtually identical to Sanford's, wants nothing to do with him.

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The election is less than two weeks away! (Tues., May 7)

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