For a long time I've been a dailykos snooper and have but a few comments and a pair of measly diaries. I come onto this website to hear a reality based prospective and an intelligent back and forth with little personal attacks. Sometimes, I will skip the meat of the story and go straight to the comments to see what members have to say. So with that, follow me along and you'll see where I'm going with this.

Sometimes in those comments ill hear advice and encouragement towards others and I always think "geez, I have some questions that I need answered!" So here I am.

I'm not active duty nor am I retired vet. I don't come from a military family, though my father and grandfather did serve. Though I've gone through quite the journey in my 26 years, it seems to pale in comparison to the life of military men and women and their families and the sacrifice they make each day. They've done so much and received so little. They give up a limb but can't keep the roof over their family's head. They lead men and (now women) out into battle but can't find leadership positions at work that can take advantage of their rare ability.

So over the years I've wondered "how can I help?" While slapping the ribbons on your car and draping yourself in the flag is a gesture and perhaps a nice one, what next? What happens when the homecoming is over and the soldier goes from hero to economic statistic? Or perhaps when they are redeployed and the spouse and/or children are here at home, what happens next? Inadequate safety net programs can only provide so much.

Well, here is where TROOPS (Taking Responsibility Of Our Patriotic Service men and women) comes in. A non profit dedicated to assisting and helping military families with everyday needs that can be just out of reach for so many. From donated appliances, toys, clothing and services for car and home repair in the future. Along with working on starting college funds for military children. This is where TROOPS can help.

I've seen this community spring into action for many causes before. I'm in the process of figuring out where to go to set up and most importantly raise funds from.

For those military members here, feedback would be amazing. Well, any feedback and advice from anyone who can lend it can be amazing! Thank you!

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