Recent public opinion polls show former President George W. Bush's approval ratings improving with the American public. But is there a case to be made that Bush was the worst two-term President ever?
Consider the following:

*Security.  More American citizens were killed on US soil (9/11) than under any other president.
*Debt. Bush tax cuts left the country in greater debt than under any previous President.
*Peace. 2 Bush wars, started under false pretenses, resulted in thousands of American soldiers dead.
*International Reputation. The Bush pre-emptive wars left the US reputation around the world in tatters.
*Supreme Court Reputation. The dubious manner in which Bush was handed the Presidency by a Supreme Court partially picked by his father struck a serious blow toward the legitimacy of the court that has not recovered.

While Bush had a strong Republican Party apparatus supporting him during his campaigns and time in office, during the last four years top GOP officials and candidates have remained largely silent about Bush accomplishments during his term of office, perhaps because none come to mind. Bush has become a non-entity in the Republican party.

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Sources: alternet.org and nytimes.com

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