You have to hand it to Westboro Baptist Church--they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.  Hours after the West fertilizer plant exploded, the Phelps clan tweeted that they intend to picket the funerals:

When McLennan County sheriff Parnell McNamara found out about it, he issued a strongly-worded warning to the Phelps clan or anyone else making plans to come to West to try any funny business at the funerals--they WILL be arrested.

The sheriff also said there have been reports that groups are planning to protest some of the many funerals lined up in the days ahead.

He's talking specifically about the Westboro Baptist Church from Kansas. That group believes tragic events like this are God's punishment for immoral behavior.

The sheriff is having none of it.

"Make no mistake about it," McNamara said. "Any attempt by any group or organization to disrupt the funerals of any of our victims of this tragedy will be dealt with swiftly and prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

The first funeral took place yesterday, and there was a memorial service this morning at Baylor. No word yet on whether Westboro showed up.

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