Force and fraud are similar in that they are differing types of attacks on the mind as well as the body.  The essential intellectual elements in both is that in both cases the will of the victim is thwarted and in both cases the person loses life, liberty and/or property against his/her will.

The Vietnam draft was direct force; easy to see; coercing people to enlist against their will for a bad war.  The Afghanistan/Iraq fraud was the trick of inducing people to enlist in order to fight Al Qaeda after 9/11 under false pretenses; thus also against their will; an indirect use of force.  Which means: Bush used an indirect form of a draft with respect to all of those who would not have enlisted for a war on Iraq, yet wished to fight bin Laden.

In a sense the Afghanistan/Iraq fraud was even more evil than the actual draft for Vietnam – because it was dishonest; a trick to get people to give over their lives to something they didn't believe in.

This is how GW Bush used a fraudulent form of a draft to get Sadaam - because he couldn't use the real thing.

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