With legislation cruising through both houses of Congress to relieve the effects of the Sequester on flight delays, a bill will likely land on the President's desk soon for signature.  This bill will relieve the rich of the effects of a policy that no one wants, while leaving many of the nation's vulnerable short of basic needs.

I've created a petition at the White House website that asks the White House to veto any legislation that seeks to reduce the effects of the sequester on FAA funding before funding is returned to pre-sequester levels for the Head Start program.  

You can sign the petition here.

Why Head Start?

Head Start is one of the most vital programs in America, offering the poor and working Americans alike the chance to give their children the educational foundation they need to create a better life for themselves one day.  Study after study shows that Pre-Schooling for children is among the most vital aspects of whether children will succeed in attaining their greatest potential.  It is a SHAME that we are considering legislation that would ease flight delays on millionaires while parents are drafting tickets from lotteries to find out whether their children can attend pre-k Head Start programs!  

Certainly, there are many, many other programs that I could have chosen.  Assistance for Seniors, help for the disabled, VA programs, etc.  All are worthy.  All are necessary.  But, in the interest of putting together a meaningful petition, I chose a program that I think most Americans regardless of political affiliation can agree is vital to helping our children.

Petition the White House today and make our voice heard!

9:43 AM PT: And, of course, the House has approved it as well.  


It's headed to Obama's desk for signature.  

When Congress deems something important, ain't it amazing what they can get done ... and fast?!

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