This is not a joke:

The pink bulletproof rucksack that 5-year-old Jaliyah wears to school every day reaches almost down to her knees and weighs 3lbs even when empty, but for her Colorado father, the size and solidity are part of the attraction.

"If you put it on her back, it almost covers her whole body," explains Demitric Boykin. "It was a very hard conversation to have but she knows that it's something that will keep her safe."

Lined with ballistic material that can stop a 9mm bullet travelling at 400 metres per second, the backpack is only one of a clutch of new products making their way into US schools in the wake of Newtown school massacre....

read the whole thing at the Guardian

And of course, this 'security' comes at a cost:

Kids Ballistic T Shirt: $755


MC Kids Ballistic Puffer Vest $1040.95

from Elite Stirling Security


Easily affordable for any inner city child on the way to public school, right ?

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