Oh, for crying out freaking loud:

Opponents of ...federally-embraced (education) guidelines filled the Cobb Board of Education board room to strongly protest spending $7.5 million for new mathematics textbooks in the Cobb County (Georgia) School District.
This crap just boils my taters. Vicious diatribe and sarcastic remarks below the squiggly.

Georgia, which is perpetually below the radar screen education-wise, has a few people in charge who understand that education of young folks is necessary for the economic future of the largest state west of the Mississippi.

But the leaders of the Cobb County Board of Education - a metro area which is responsible for Newt Gingrich and Bob Barr - were forced, and I mean forced, to kowtow to troglodytes of the right who are scared that the gummit was a-trying to corrupt them young brains of us'ns.

Common Core opponents, who dominated the nearly half-hour public comment period at the start of the meeting, lashed out against what they said would lead to federal control of education.

A group of around 30 sat throughout the nearly four-hour meeting, constantly chattering and occasionally moaning when they objected to a point being made during the board's discussion.

Among their claims: That the Common Core is an attempt by "liberals . . . . to control our children," "a Utopian scheme" that would lead to "standardized minds" and a move "further and further away from our founding values."

Now, I know some you folks will just chalk this up to yet another Conservative state driving itself over the cliff and to hell with it. But I am a lifelong Georgian and am not alone in this Red State hell - which, if you look at the voting last November is getting more and more purple. With a lot of help from the National Party it is possible that we can get rid of such yahoos and bumblebrains who walk into our governing bodies and mess up all our nice things.

Because if you teach people how to add things up, Conservativism does not have a chance.

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