Oh, this has got to hurt.  Just when you thought things were getting bad for Mark Sanford, they're getting worse and Elizabeth Colbert-Busch seems to be better at getting GOP support than Sanford.  Who would think a liberal Democrat like Colbert-Busch could get this kind of support?

He can't even get his own base fired up.  Sounds like Sanford is becoming another Mitt Romney:


A group called "Republicans for Elizabeth Colbert Busch" announced their support for the Democrat saying they feel she is the best candidate for the state's 1st Congressional District seat.

Some of the speakers went on to say they no longer trust Mark Sanford.

"I realized she's pretty moderate, she's not a liberal Democrat," said Leslie Turner, chair of Republicans for Elizabeth Colbert Busch."She could be called a moderate Republican if she hadn't already labeled herself a Democrat. The race is not about labels, it's about choosing the best candidate for the job. I want to vote for the candidate who has integrity solid character and good values."

Here's more on the Republican support for Elizabeth Colbert-Busch per Mount Pleasant Patch:


Elizabeth Colbert Busch would have a tough time winning the First Congressional District seat without some Republican support. After all, 58 percent of the district's voters supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, so the announcement of Republicans for Elizabeth Colbert Busch is a welcome development for the campaign.

Colbert Busch announced the formation of the group flanked by several of her GOP supporters Wednesday at her West Ashley Campaign office. Chairing the group is Leslie Turner, a 2012 Romney voter.

Turner said when former Gov. Mark Sanford emerged as the Republican candidate in the First District race she had no choice but to pick Colbert Busch as the best candidate for the job.

"I want our country to pay our debts, stop spending more than we have, get our finances in order, basically get this country back on track, and there's one person in this race who can do just that," Turner said. "She can tackle the issues and go to Washington and be someone that we can be proud of, and that's Elizabeth Colbert Busch."

This is very interesting.  The group is being chaired by a Romney 2012 voter, someone Barack Obama could never convince.  However, because Mark Sanford emerged as the Republican nominee in this Congressional race, the tides have turned in favor of Colbert-Busch.

Ok.  Let me be blunt:  Republican support for a Democratic candidate helps him/her with the ability to appeal to conservative base but doesn't necessarily guarantee victory.  There were Republicans for John Kerry in 2004 and that wasn't enough for him to be elected.  Of course, there were also Republicans for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 of course, President Obama did win both elections.

However, Colbert-Busch's situation is different.  She's running to replace a former Tea Party Congressman who is now Senator Tim Scott, who has replaced former Tea Party evangelist in the U.S. Senate Jim DeMint.  She's also running in a district in South Carolina where the last Democrat who represented it was Mendel Jackson Davis from 1971-1981.  And the district was represented in 1995-2001 by, you won't believe it, Mark Sanford!  He wants his seat back badly, doesn't he?

Turner was one of about a half-dozen Republicans in attendance for the announcement at Colbert Busch's campaign office. But that number belies how much support Colbert Busch is receiving from traditional GOP voters Turner said.

Glenda Miller, a self-described life-long Republican, also spoke out for Colbert Busch, and said she'll be telling all of her Republican friends to vote for the Democratic candidate in this election as well.

"Elizabeth is a Democrat but I want to assure my Republican friends that should not stop them from voting for her," Miller said. "She's a tough independent business woman who has spent her whole career creating jobs and balancing budgets. Her business experience is the core of who she is, and I know that she, unlike her opponent will represent us in Washington."

And we do need more Democrats with business experience.

Now this is where it gets REAL good.  Glenda Miller, a life-long Republican who supported Sanford's opponent John Kuhn in the primary and then Curtis Bostic in the run-off, decided to support Elizabeth Colbert-Busch because of Sanford's conduct.

Miller said she initially voted for John Kuhn in the primary election and supported Curtis Bostic in the run-off. She didn't make up her mind to support Colbert Busch until she saw Sanford's full-page ad in response to revelations that he was charged with trespassing at his ex-wife's house in February that ran in Sunday's Post and Courier.
Well, then it was probably a dumb idea for Mark Sanford to run for Congress after all.  Apparently he thought voters in South Carolina's 1st Congressional District would get over his past conduct.  He sure is a bright person, isn't he?
Miller cannot forget that Sanford disappeared for a week while he was governor without letting anyone in the state know he was gone or how to get in touch with him if an emergency arose.

"If I took money from my employer and then went out of town for a week, I'm sure I would loose my job," Miller said. "I also would not be eligible to be rehired. Mark Sanford took our tax dollars and abandoned his position as Governor of South Carolina. I don't think he should be rehired as a public servant. He is not the kind of person I think should represent us in Congress."

Yep, Mark Sanford is certainly in a race alright.  And he may very well will lose more GOP voter support as the time comes.  Doesn't mean we should snack on popcorn and party while the race continues but we should continue to fight like we're 10 points down!

How about some love for Elizabeth Colbert-Busch?

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5:19 PM PT: Nearly 600 likes and 5 tweets.  And we have two weeks left.

Can Mark Sanford screw up again?  Oh he sure can!  He's become the protegee of Mitt Romney!


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