They want to spend 100 million to arm the Syrian rebels.
300 Million to Eqypt to support what?

Lets spend tens of millions or more to scare the north Koreans with a show of military tactics and games. How much does it cost to deploy a fleet nowadays?

What about the tens of billions that we spend every single month on all of our other military engagements.

I am as liberal as they come, and just because i would rather send 100million to the Bronx, Newark NJ or Oakland instead of iraq doesn't make me heartless.

Iraq and Afghanistan will cost us 7 trillion when its all said and done. This is perverse beyond belief.  Now that we can't afford our empire- the government is forced to cut everything else, and that includes disabled vets disability through Chained CPI cuts.

Charity should start at home, and every single day in America i see homelessness, hungry children, and cuts in education which lead to a direct lack of advancement. Income inequality in america is one of the worst in the developed world, we don't need to send money abroad to help people in need, we have plently of people in need right here and right now.

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