Quinnipac's latest poll on the 2014 Pennsylvania Governors race came out today and it has more bad news for Governor Tom Corbett (R):


Pennsylvania voters disapprove of Gov. Corbett’s job performance 47 percent to 38 percent, the fourth straight month with a negative rating, according to the independent Quinnipiac University poll.

Three potential Democratic opponents each leads the Republican incumbent by 9 percentage points or more, the poll finds.

Former U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, who was the party’s 2010 Senate nominee, leads Corbett 48 percent to 34 percent in a hypothetical match-up. Current U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz is in front 47percent to 34 percent. And State Treasurer Rob McCord is up 44 percent to 35 percent.

Women are opposed to Corbett’s reelection by a margin of 2 to 1, 54 percent to 27 percent. Men are more favorable to a second term, with men opposed by 46 percent to 39 percent.

“Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett gets a triple dose of bad news,” said Tom Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “Fortunately for Gov. Corbett, the election is not today. He has 18 months to turn things around.” - Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/29/13

Not the best news to hear, especially after the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) just awarded him Governor Of The Year:


In recognition of his leadership and commitment to strengthening biotechnology and public health sectors within his state, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett was honored with BIO's 2013 Governor of the Year award at 2013 BIO International Convention. BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood lauded Corbett and his administration for developing and promoting "some of the industry’s best programs and standards, helping Pennsylvania stand tall among our nation’s greatest biotech hubs."

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) announced today that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett will be honored with its 2013 Governor of the Year award in recognition of his leadership and commitment to strengthening the biotechnology and public health sectors within Pennsylvania.

“We at Pennsylvania Bio are thrilled that Governor Corbett’s efforts to help build a sustainable state-wide biotech community are being recognized by BIO”

Governor Corbett will receive the award today at the 2013 BIO International Convention in Chicago, IL. - ThomasNet.com, 4/26/13

Quinnipiac surveyed 1,235 registered Pennsylvania voters by landline and cell phone from April 19 through April 24, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points. The Democratic sample of 547 Democrats is subject to a margin of error of 4.2 percent.  Here's the Quinnipac poll with the results:


An early look at the 2014 Pennsylvania governor's race shows:


Former U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak tops Corbett 48 - 34 percent, including 45 - 29 percent among independent voters:
U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz is ahead 47 - 34 percent, including 45 - 27 percent among independent voters:
State Treasurer Rob McCord is up 44 - 35 percent, including 40 - 30 percent among independent voters: - Quinnipac, 4/29/13
USA Today hits it right on the head about why Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly disapprove of Corbett:


Convicted serial child molester & former Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky.

Corbett has been beset by low approval ratings for months over his handling of the state's economy. He was also criticized for his handling of the Penn State child sex abuse scandal. - USA Today, 4/29/13

Now lets take a look at the Democratic primary numbers:


Congresswoman Schwartz and former Congressman Sestak each take 15% in a hypothetical 7-way primary.

Schwartz lead among women 16% to Sestak’s 12%, while the former admiral led among men 20% to 13%.

State Treasurer Rob McCord and former Pa. Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf are tied for 3rd place with 3% each. Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski and state Sen. Mike Stack (D-Phila) each take 1% and former Pa. DEP Sec. John Hanger took none.

Sestak, McCord, Pawloski and Stack have not declared candidacies for Governor. The poll did not include former DEP Sec. Katie McGinty or pastor Max Myers, both of whom have.

But even Sestak, who ran statewide for U.S. Senate in 2010, could not crack 50% name ID. He was viewed favorably by Democrats 27% to 15% by 58% didn’t know enough to form an opinion.

Schwartz, who ran statewide in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate in 2000, was viewed favorably 20% to 10%. 69% didn’t know enough to form an opinion.

McCord was elected Treasurer in 2008 and re-elected last year, but 85% didn’t know enough about him to form an opinion. He was viewed favorably 9% to 5%.

“Pennsylvania voters, even Democrats, don’t know much about the challengers in the 2014 governor’s race,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

“Right now, voters are doing their ABCs – Anyone But Corbett.” - Politics PA, 4/29/13

Schwartz, Sestak and McCord are the three big names in this primary.  Schwartz has already announced her candidacy while McCord has expressed interest in the race and hired Senator Bob Casey's (D. PA) campaign finance director.  Sestak has stated that he would like to serve again and still keeps raising money from supporters:


Former U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak is raising money.

But what is he running for? We still don’t know.

According the latest posting on the Federal Election Commission website, Sestak raised about $460,000 in the first quarter of 2013 which covers Jan. 1 through March 31. The campaign committee name is “Friends of Joe Sestak.”

Sestak, a Democrat and former admiral in the U.S. Navy, represented the 7th Congressional District from 2006-2010. He then decided to run for U.S. Senate and lost in the general election by a slim margin to U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa.

Sestak has indicated he wanted to run again for office but did not say whether it would be for governor in 2014.

“I want to serve again, and want to do it right,” he said in an email to journalists in February.

Sestak said then he is still teaching at Carnegie Mellon University in Allegheny County and Cheyney University in Thornbury, “permitting me to ensure my decision is right as I have long drives to think, and youth in class to invigorate me.” - Main Line Media News, 4/22/13

Sestak has been making more appearances at Democratic events in Pennsylvania:


Centre County has become a major growth area for PA Dems in recent history. A plethora of Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidates tried to capitalize on that growth Saturday morning at the Centre County Democrats annual spring breakfast.

Three of the five declared candidates, as well as a number of potential candidates and Lt. Governor hopefuls, worked the room on the first stop of a long day of county dinners in central Pennsylvania.

Candidates Allyson Schwartz, Tom Wolf and Max Myers — as well as potential contenders Mike Stack, Ed Pawlowski and Joe Sestak – mingled with the members of the Centre County Democrats, including Jay Paterno, and the Penn State College Democrats during an informal meet-and-greet. Mark Smith and Brad Koplinski, both candidates for lieutenant governor, also gave their pitches to the local democrats over eggs and bacon.

“Centre County is a county on the move,” Koplinski said. “I want to be a great partner for one of the great governor candidates that we’re going to have.”

Former Admiral and Congresman Joe Sestak was a last-minute, surprise addition to the event. Stewart said that Sestak reached out on Tuesday about attending the breakfast. On the heels of a monstrous $460K first quarter fundraising effort, the former U.S. Senate candidate gave one of his signature impassioned pitches and bolted the breakfast early on his way to another event.

“It’s better to offend God than a politician because at least God gives us forgiveness,” Sestak joked, before going into a personal story about the success of women in military combat. “Remember what we’re supposed to stand for,” he continued, quoting Winston Churchill. “Remember, sometimes, it’s not enough to do your best, sometimes you just have to do what’s required.”

Sestak remained quiet about his future political goals, but it’s not hard to speculate after a strong fundraising quarter and an impromptu stop in Centre County.

All this led up to the finale with early frontrunner Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz. She was introduced as “one of the national leaders in congress” and delivered her standard dinner speech right on schedule.

“I refuse to stand by and I refuse to accept the stale politics and misguided priorities of Harrisburg,” Schwartz said. “With your help and your commitment and your hard work, I am determined to be your next governor.”

“We won’t rest until we’re done.”

The politicos hurried out fairly quickly after the event to head out on a full day of campaigning, including a stop only an hour down the road at the annual Lycoming County Dems’ Jackson Dinner in Williamsport, Pa. That was keynoted by state Treasurer Rob McCord. Overall, there were no real surprises but the morning served as an opportunity for the candidates to test the waters on what is sure to be a long year of campaigning leading up to the primary next May. - Politics PA, 4/28/13

Sestak even made the press today for calling out State Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R) and the PA GOP for trying to rig the electoral system:


A bill to change the way Pennsylvania casts its electoral votes came under fire today, with a group of Democratic politicians demanding that its Republican sponsors withdraw the legislation.

But that’s not likely to happen.

State senator Dominic Pileggi (R-Delaware County) introduced a bill in February to apportion the state’s votes in the Electoral College according to the popular vote, rather than the current winner-take-all system.

But today, former US congressman Joe Sestak likened the plan to an old Tammany Hall political boss sentiment: “ ’It doesn’t matter what a citizen does with his vote if I can count the votes.’ ”

The legislation is seen as partisan because, of the 48 states with winner-take-all systems, changes have been proposed in just four — swing states that went Democratic last year, where apportioned electoral votes would have changed the election outcome. - CBS Philly, 4/29/13

Former Pennsylvania EPA secretary, John Hanger (D), who is also running for the Democratic nominee is vowing to make education his top issue in this campaign:


In his quest for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination next year, John Hanger plans to focus on education, the economy and, not surprisingly, the environment.

During an editorial board meeting at The Citizens' Voice, the former state Department of Environmental Protection secretary outlined ways he would make public education and public safety - including in regards to natural gas drilling - his priorities.

Hanger served as DEP secretary from September 2008 to January 2011, under former Gov. Ed Rendell, a Democrat. Now he's entering the increasingly crowded field to replace Republican Gov. Tom Corbett.

Hanger's predecessor at DEP, Kathleen McGinty, has also announced she will seek the Democratic nomination for governor. Others who have declared their intentions are U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz, D-Jenkintown; Mechanicsburg minister, coffee shop owner and Army veteran Max Myers; and former state Revenue secretary and York County businessman Tom Wolfe.

Several other potential candidates are also emerging, including state Treasurer Rob McCord of Bryn Mawr, state Sen. Mike Stack, D-Philadelphia, and former U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak.

"One of the things that we're priding ourselves on in the Hanger for Governor campaign is to actually put forward specific policies and plans to address the leading problems that Pennsylvania has," Hanger said.

These include a plan for making Pennsylvania natural gas drilling standards and enforcement "first-class," which he unveiled last week. It includes making companies disclose the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing and keep 150-foot buffer zones around high-quality and exceptional value streams.

Hanger opposes drilling in state parks, but is very much a proponent of a reasonable tax on natural gas extraction. He also favors requiring the most advanced technology in compressor station engines to cut air pollution, restricting the flaring - burning off - of natural gas at wells and banning the storage of drilling wastewater in pits.

Other environmental issues Hanger would like to accomplish include bringing back Growing Greener funding and doubling renewable energy requirements.

"You can actually create jobs by protecting the environment," Hanger noted. - Citizens Voice, 4/29/13

It's starting to look like a crowded primary and it's certainly going to be an expensive one, especially with former state Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf (D) pledging to spend $10 million on the primary:


Pledging to spend at least $10 million of his own money on his long-shot candidacy, former state Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf entered the increasingly crowded race for the Democratic nomination for governor of Pennsylvania last Tuesday.

An affluent industrialist from York County who served as Secretary of the Department of Revenue in former Gov. Ed Rendell’s administration, Wolf — a genuine job creator in a state where joblessness is rampant and on the rise — was highly critical of Republican Gov. Tom Corbett in his announcement.

“Instead of believing in our state and its future, Gov. Corbett has spent his term in office putting politics over policy; corporations over people; and giving away our natural resources to the highest bidder,” he wrote in a spirited email to supporters.  “This governor put 100,000 children at risk of losing health care.  He cut education by $1 billion dollars.  And Pennsylvania has gone from 7th to 46th in job creation.  This is not tapping our potential.  This is wasting it.

“While workers see their take-home pay decline amid a sea of unemployment, Gov. Corbett gives special tax breaks to corporate interests,” continued Wolf, the third Democrat to officially enter the race.  “While the middle class gets a government that puts roadblocks in front of their every effort to get ahead, special interests get a free pass.” - Uncovered Politics, 4/9/13

I only hope the primary doesn't get too nasty and drain the candidates of their resources because we have a real shot to make Corbett the first one term Governor since 1968.  Corbett needs to go and he's by far the most corrupt governor the state has ever elected.  Democrats would be wise to get too divisive in picking their nominee because I want us to give Corbett the boot in 2014.  By the way, you can get involved with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party in helping get ready to defeat Corbett:
Tom Corbett for election coverage 2008. .Christine Baker, The Patriot-News
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Making it harder to vote. Denying health care to the poor. Slashing education by a billion dollars. That’s how they do it in Texas... and, now, Pennsylvania.

Tom Corbett's far-right agenda follows the Rick Perry playbook. Maybe that's why he recently suggested that Pennsylvania should compete with Texas.

Corbett may think everything's bigger in Texas, and he’s right: they have more uninsured and underfunded schools than any other state. That’s the record Corbett wants us to compete with?

There’s one big difference between Perry and Corbett: Perry has served three terms. With your support, we can stop Corbett at one.

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The Philadelphia Daily News dubbed Tom Corbett the “Rick Perry of Pennsylvania.” And that’s how he’s governed: importing a Texas-style Voter ID law and cutting education and health care.

Next year, we’ll have a chance to reverse our 2010 “oops” and send Corbett home.

The deadline is tomorrow. Give now to defeat Corbett.

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Thanks for your support,
PA Dems

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