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For the June Glacier National Park meetup, I have suggested that we gather Friday night at the Apgar picnic area. We just spent the weekend camping in the picnic area (the regular campground isn’t open yet) and what follows are some photographs of the area.

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Shown above is the beaver dam which is a short walk (about 15 minutes) from the picnic area.

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This is looking up the lake from Apgar Village.

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This is the view from the Apgar picnic area. These were taken in the evening.

Apgar 6 photo DSCN7284_zps42bea4fb.jpg

Apgar 4 photo DSCN7282_zpseb78e752.jpg

Looking at Apgar village from the beach at the picnic area.

Apgar 8 photo DSCN7287_zps19f311ea.jpg

Apgar 9 photo DSCN7289_zps403c538b.jpg

Some shots of the beach at the picnic area.

Apgar 14 photo DSCN7273_zpsdd99d571.jpg

This is the bike path that leads to the village and to the Oxbow Overlook.

Apgar 15 photo DSCN7274_zps5d2446c7.jpg

Apgar 16 Goose photo DSCN7275_zps36b64630.jpg

Apgar 17 photo DSCN7277_zps3885d35a.jpg

This is the Oxbow Overlook. It is a short (20-30 minutes) level walk from the picnic area.

Apgar 13 photo DSCN7270_zps7760214b.jpg

Apgar Map 2 photo DSCN7272_zpsa203671c.jpg

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