And try to keep a straight face because I myself am suffering from uncontrollable bouts of laughter since a friend from Turkey posted the following video on Facebook. Seriously, this, among many, is apparently being presented to the general Turkish public as "true Turkish Islam," which, I believe, could not have existed without the support from significant amount of silicon and peroxide (gentlemen hodjas prefer blondes!).

A brief description of the short video: The well-known and self appointed Turkish hodja (religious teacher/guide) Mr. Adnan Oktar, pen name Harun Yahya, is singing and dancing along with her devout (and young, buxom bleach blonde) Muslim Turkish students who are called Hodja's "kedicikleri" (kittens), and I shit you not.

I say please take my word and take a look at this piece of wonder. You will not be sorry, I promise, only entertained (highly) and enlightened, as the result. Meanwhile, I am working hard to overcome my fits of laughter.

In addition, if you are intrigued, there are a whole bunch of 'Hodja' with his 'kittens' singing and and professing their devotion to "Islam" videos on YouTube.


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