Ok, I'm a little hungry today.  Waiting on that check.  Kids are fed, but I'm going without, JUST in case the money doesn't show up.  It has been delayed before, and I don't risk my kids nutrition.

But one of the things that happens about this time of the month is that the food fantasies start.

And I have the ultimate restaurant in mind.  The restaurant that would redefine cuisine and fast food for decades...

And I call It "The Hot Plate"

(Description of Mouth Watering food on the flip)

For starters, what's the Archetype?  Well, it's a Chinese/Pizza/American/Mexican restaurant.  Yup, the kitchen has a pizza oven, a stir fry grill, a burger grill, and every other amenity needed for cooking, because the menu is... unique.

For starters, there will be suggestions.  The BEST suggestions that I've come up with.  But it doesn't stop there.

I am imagining little things, like "General Tso's Burrito" :  General Tso's chicken, with rice, and vegetables, served in a burrito.

Or, Pizza Bowls...  that's the toppings of a Combination pizza, served over rice and garnished with a little tomato sauce.

But if my simple ideas aren't enough, there's MORE!

You see, there's also the "How you want it?" Menu, with all sorts of options...

You see, first you pick your entree/meat.  I intend to include vegetarian options for the picky/healthy eaters, but whatever form of meat you like, I intend to have it.  Stir fried chicken, roasted beef, hell even a Kebap rotisserie in the back...  

Then you pick your format.  How do you want it?  Over rice?  On a bun?  On a Pizza?  In a Burrito?  What is your ideal?

Then you garnish.  Want vegetables?  What kind?  Sliced, raw, sauteed, roasted, etc...  you can have em on your meal.  Want chow mien in your burrito?  Say the word.  Want a grilled Cheese Sandwich for your bun?  We can do that.  

And finally, the cheapest item on the menu... the one item that always costs a dollar...

The "Crumpled Single Special" which is a small glass container... half Peanut Butter, Half Jelly... Served with a Spork.

Mmmm...  Doing everything I can to totally break the societal boundaries between food paradigms...

I imagine a lot of business in College Towns, especially for delivery.

Only down side is that I can Imagine a LOT of requests we'll have to say... "Yeah, we can do it, but it'll take a little longer man... How Hungry Are ya?"

3:08 PM PT: As expected.  No show on the BAH... Called VA, it was sent... so... till tomorrow...

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