Bangladesh has arrested negligent factory owners after 377 people were killed in a building collapse. Meanwhile, in Texas, their mentally challenged GOP governor, Rick Perry, only whines about a cartoon that accurately links exploding factories in Texas to the Gov selling Texas to businesses as a better outsourcing solution than China.

See article about arrest in Bangladesh factory collapse here
See article about Rick Perry's alligator tears here....

A couple notes of irony:
First: Anyone capable of reading and with a remote sense of curiosity is aware of the environmental nightmare taking place in China as a result of their complete lack of regulation. Clean water and air are not things you can count on when you visit there.  See this link regarding China's air pollution problem  So for Gov Perry to brag about the lack of regulation and government oversight, well, if you like China, you'll love Texas.  

Second: What happened to, "Corporations are people my friend."  - a famous Mitt Romney quote and the new doctrine established by our conservative supreme court?  If so, why haven't we arrested the corporate officers of that fertilizer plant?  If dangerous quantities of explosive material were secretly being stored there, and the result is 15 dead citizens, why are there not people in handcuffs?  If corporations are people, I want to see one in jail. Perhaps if we arrest a few, they will go begging to the supreme court claiming that they really aren't people after all.

Bangladesh, a so-called "developing country" has no problem handcuffing the owners of that factory killed many people due to their negligence.  If Texas doesn't doesn't have the gonads to put someone in handcuffs, perhaps Eric Holder should look into federal charges.  Then again, BP paid 4.5 BILLION dollars to settle CRIMINAL charges related to the spill that also killed 11 people.  

Since when do non-corporate people get to simply buy their way out of jail?

Time to set an example. If corporations want the rights of people, time to give them the responsibilities of people.  That means going to jail when you negligently kill people.

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