I'm 52 and currently enrolled In Category 5 at the Veteran's Administration. That means that my discharge is General or better, Honorable in my case, that my taxable income is low, and that my assets are meager. I have been generally satisfied with VA care though I have been using it as sparingly as possible while the wars are winding down and recently discharged vets with more pressing needs flow through the system. I have never been presented with a bill and have never had difficulty regarding access to a doctor. They do not cover dental.

Mother and I have a symbiotic relationship. She has Alzheimer's and I provide eldercare 24/7/365. I'm responsible for the house, food, and the body generally. Sister is in charge of the money and does a conscientious job. I am paid just under the threshold that would make me not a dependent for Mother's income tax purposes plus reasonable expenses. I get three Social Security credits a year.

Mother is on Medicare and has supplemental medical insurance from one of the companies she retired from. Neither policy covers me in any way, shape, or form. She gets bills that do not amount to the threshold the IRS sets for a deduction. I suppose that's a good thing. They have gone down some under Obamacare.

Does VA Cat 5 count as adequate insurance under ACA?

If not, how important is the distinction between being a dependent or not going to be?

 Is there any reason to push Sister to file an amended IRS return this year to change that status?

If it doesn't matter this year will it matter next year?

When Mother passes there may be a year or more that includes inheritance income and assets that drive me out of Category 5. Is there anything I need to keep in mind for that transition?

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