The wife and I went to indulge in some frozen yogurt the other night, and a group of about a half dozen senior citizens were gathered around one of the tables.  Overhearing their conversation resulted in many an eye-roll on my part, so it's a good thing I was facing away from them.

More after the orange swirly...

Their conversation drifted into politics, and it was quickly obvious the political persuasion.  One comment that sticks in my head was that "voted out" would be taken to a whole new level in the next election.  Given that they were talking about Obama at the time, and that Obama won't be running in 2016, I guess that tells you how logical the conversation was.

One of the men made a comment about how he was thinking about getting his other hip done "before Obama tells me I can't.  You know that's coming, don't you?"

Then the conversation went on to insurance companies and one of the women talked about how a friend had undergone chemotherapy treatments at $10k per treatment only to be told by the insurance company that the chemo she received wasn't covered because there was a less expensive alternative.

Obviously, the irony of the earlier comment about worrying about Obama telling the old boy he couldn't get another hip was lost.

Though the conversation never went there, I can pretty much guarantee you all these folks are undoubtedly convinced their taxes are too high, too.  


Fortunately, we finished our yogurt and went on our way before my eyes rolled clear out of my head...

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