I had a different diary planned for tonight, about a letter I read in Dear Abby, but then I saw a story about what is touted as the world’s oldest experiment, and I knew I had to write about that.

It began as an experiment in 1927, when the first professor of physics wanted to show that ‘everyday’ objects can exhibit unusual, perhaps even unexpected properties. Pitch, related to the tar that was used to waterproof boats, feels quite solid. Hammer blows can cause it to shatter. Yet, it is liquid! As the experiment proves. The website which hosts news of the experiment says pitch is about 100 billion times more viscous than water. (Hint: that's a lot!)

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Professor Thomas Parnell heated pitch and poured it into a glass funnel. After allowing it to harden for three years, the stem was cut to allow it to drop. In the 83 years since the funnel was filled, a sum total of 8 drops have fallen. The ninth is expected to fall sometime in 2013. No drop fall has ever been witnessed. Now a webcam is set up to record the fall of the drop. People watch the webcam for hours on end, even though to all appearances, nothing happens whatsoever.

Here is the host website for the experiment at the University of Queensland.

Below is a vimeo video of one year of progression in the life of the pitch. Condensed into ten seconds, it doesn’t exactly flow!

Pitch Drop Timelapse Video (10 seconds) from School of Mathematics & Physics on Vimeo.

So ... interesting, I suppose. But what does it have to do with politics, BeninSC?!!!

A bit over a month ago I posted a diary about a puppy that was learning to catch.

He was very young, and in the effort, just fell right over! That didn’t seem to have much political relevance, either. But I pointed out that the little guy tried harder to catch that toy than Republicans do to govern.

The pitch drop experiment sees a droplet of pitch fall approximately once per decade. (The incidence has actually slowed after they installed air conditioning in the room housing the experiment, to give it a more constant temperature.) 83 years in, the expectation is that the experiment will continue at least another century, before the glass funnel empties.

Yes, and?

It may be that you will have to wait much longer than that until Republicans govern functionally/responsibly/considerately/fill in the blank with your choice of criticisms/as they were elected to do.

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From Land of Enchantment:
Clem Yeobright flat out said he wanted to be nominated for Top Comments. And I actually agree.
From Noddy:
detroitmechworks wants a nifty buzzer in Hunter's Tuesda diary Speaking to daughter of murder victim, Ayotte praises self for not filibustering gun bill outright.

From the same diary, flclarkkent shares a lovely quote from an elderly attendee at the Ayotte Town Hall Meeting.  

(Note: yes, the first comment is from yesterday. It's also very funny, to this formatter at least :-))

From blueoregon:
Well, De Pootie Queen (aka triciawyse) had a malfunction and posted early and horsefeathers made a comment on it, in case anyone couldn't figure out what was going on.

The whole thread is a wonderful morning pick me up.

From leu2500:
The Gryffin can't get this funniest of the day phrase from Keith930's diary on plant breeding atrocities out of his head.
From Angie in WA State:
In a diary littered with sparky one-liners, in response to the ludicrous actions of the GOP House, as outlined by the deliciously snarky Hunter.... this one by billmon was a standout.

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