Oh my god. I want to just say THANK YOU to every person here who has recced, shared, commented and subscribed to this diary. I'm so humbled and amazed I'm at a loss for words. I promise that I will continue to work my ass off to grow this, earn your confidence in me and in this endeavor. Together, we can. I just know it.
I want to make this announcement amongst friends and family first. I'm going to Netroots Nation! My little political start-up (three years in the making now) that focuses on state and local Democratic candidates and progressive causes has a booth!! I couldn't be more excited. Look for Bold Blue Media Alliance in the Town Hall. Right at the entrance where you'll come in after you register! (I know! I can't believe I got the booth there!) w00t!
Today is also the day I publish the free sample mini-issue of the magazine called Bold Blue Magazine. Now, to be straight with you, I'm not a magazine publisher. I've done years of graphics and web design (and video and television production) but wow, was this a different thing. But I'm a start up and I don't have a bunch of money (understatement) so I'm doing what I can. I think it came out OK for a first run. You can have it (link below). Let me know what you think.

This one is short (only 12 pages) but it'll be the only publication where state and local Democratic and progressive politics comes together all in one place. I tried to put in some art/culture/interestingness too. Future issues will be about 48 pages with all kinds of cool stuff. There'll even be a place for "True Blue Pets", the magazine's version of the Pootie and Woozle diaries. ;)

The thing is, the magazine is a critical part of what I'm trying to do at Bold Blue Media, which is, run the GOP out of state and local office by making sure our side has the tools and support they need to win. It's that simple.
Follow me below the fold for the details.

(Video is closed captioned but if you prefer click here for the transcript).

So Bold Blue Media Alliance is a company dedicated to providing state and local Democratic candidates and progressive causes with the campaign services, support and training they need to run competitive races. But at ridiculously low prices.

I have to tell you, I got so sick of seeing the GOP with great ads and websites and perfectly polished media-ready candidates and skilled staff and strong consistent messaging and shiny on-target mailers yadda yadda...while our side is always cobbling things together, jerryrigging and relying on good-hearted (but usually not sufficiently skilled) volunteers from start to finish. I just got fucking sick of it. And this is my attempt to do something about it.

Bold Blue Media is establishing a nationwide network of hundreds professional service providers we call the "Alliance Team Network".

These are freelance web designers, photographers, graphic artists, videographers, writers, consultants...These vetted professionals are dedicated to this cause too and will help make it possible for our state and local candidates and causes to stretch every dollar they raise and still have that "big campaign polish" our opponents always seem to have. But we'll do it for prices even the smallest campaigns can afford. We're also building a comprehensiveTraining Center - a secure online environment filled with critical trainings from experts in their fields - available on an unlimited basis for up to 12 months for campaigns and all their volunteers and staffers for one seriously ridiculously low price. This is not a 2 or 3 day "intensive" it's anytime you need it information in real time.

So how can we do all this? (Because I am not a rich woman and I have had no financial backing on this).

Well, it's all made possible through subscriptions to the magazine. Every dollar of the subscriptions allows us to supplement what we pay the professionals in our Alliance Team Network. (We split the Training Center revenues with our experts in a very generous split). Every dollar from subscriptions helps us pay for our operational costs (which we are committed to keeping as low as possible while still providing top-notch services) so the candidate fees don't have to be high enough to cover all business operations. I can also say that I'm fortunate enough to be in a position to not have to take a single dime from this business to support myself, so the business will have plenty of time to grow before I'm considering any compensation for what I'm doing.

So that's the plan. Or part of it. The other component has to do with utilizing local PEG stations to produce and broadcast our nationally-branded but locally produced bi-weekly political and entertainment news and information series called Bring it Home TV.

But I'll tell you more about that in another post. ;)

For now, have a look at the sample mini-issue. It's free and I don't even want your email address. It's viewable in smartphones, tablets and on your computer.

Click to view

The first full issue comes out July 1st but if you subscribe in May, you'll get your copy on June 20th, the opening day of Netroots Nation (plus be able to take advantage of low subscription pricing that won't be available after June 1). There's a subscribe button within the magazine, of course. But if you want to subscribe straightaway, here's a link you can use. Either way, you can choose your subscription level - it ranges from $3/month (in May only) all the way up to $100/month for those who can afford it and want to consider it akin to making a blanket "proxy donation" to state and local politicians and causes.

You know, I sometimes look at this thing and I say, "What have I gotten myself into?!" It's scary and way bigger than I originally conceived three years ago. But I think it's time now to do this. But I believe in this and I'm willing to continue to work at it. I'm a deep believer that everything worthwhile pretty much starts small and works its way into something great. (h/t to Markos) I'm hoping this can be one of those things that started with a diary on DailyKos and the support of determined like-minded Kossacks and eventually grows into a solid force for change and progress in our local communities and states.

Can't subscribe but want to help? We sure could use your help!

Twitter Hashtag: #TakeTheStates

Volunteer: DEC Outreach (all 50 states) Kosmail me!

Paid: Alliance Team Network Needs Media and Campaign Professionals (see here)

Volunteer: Become a Producer/Host for Bring it Home TV (see here)

Volunteer: Submit stories, videos, news, etc. for publication consideration (submissions)

Paid: Are you an expert in any of these areas in our Training Center? (see here)

Volunteer: Have you run for state or local office or managed a candidate or cause campaign? You can help us set our pricing schedule by taking a short survey.

Special request: statistics analysts and/or other math-types. I need help developing our Variable Pricing formula for candidate and cause services. This system uses various parameters to ensure that the school board candidate in Alabama, the Mayoral candidate in Detroit, the Senate incumbent in Nebraska, the cause campaign in Vermont and the county commission candidate in New Mexico all get quoted pricing that is affordable for them and their campaign. I need help making a reliable plug-and-play "formula" out of it.

Connections, Alliances, and Ideas Welcome! Kosmail me!

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