Implicit in ALEC's private/public "partnership" is corruption of democracy for its stated purpose of killing government and privatizing what remains of those public services.

This is how the NC GOP rolls:  over democracy.  The Banana Republicans refused to count the ALEC-based anti-renewables votes:

As one lawmaker shouted out to have the votes counted by a show of hands, Republican chairman Bill Rabon called for the yeas and nays, decided that the motioned carried and then gaveled the hearing to a close.

“Opponents of the bill shouted ‘No!’ when voting to show their frustration at Republican chairman Bill Rabon’s refusal to count votes with a show of hands,” the Raleigh News & Observer noted. “In what was clearly a razor-thin margin, both sides said they would have won if the votes had been counted.”


This is what ALEC and their corrupt, revolving-door lapdogs want to undo:

In 2007, North Carolina became the first state in the Southeast to adopt such a standard — Senate Bill 3 passed both chambers with overwhelming bipartisan support and requires state utilities to supply 12.5 percent of renewable energy by 2021. Since then, clean energy companies have generated billions in revenue and have created thousands of in-state jobs — all while reducing pollution and saving ratepayers money.

But now, North Carolina has joined the growing list of states in which organizations like the Heartland Institute and the American Legislative Council, or ALEC, and Koch-backed Grover Norquist have been lobbying against renewable energy policy, and pushing “model legislation” to undo these standards.


My outrageometer is tired but this is just sick.  We are looking at "disruption of the global thermohaline ocean circulation, accelerated sea level rise from melting of the Greenland ice cap, and the destabilisation of vast methane hydrate deposits in the continental shelf and coastal permafrost" and the bought-and-paid-for GOP is out doing the bidding of their paymasters.  It's sick and it's sad.  Something has to give.


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