Last night, Jon Stewart devoted the entire show to talking about our veterans, and how so many of them are dealing with a horrible backlog in processing their claims at the VA.

Sam Bee had a 2-part report looking for one specific veteran's missing benefits claim, in the style of Zero Dark Thirty.

Jon then interviewed The Mission Continues CEO Eric Greitens, who is trying to put veterans back to work in the communities they come from.

Videos below the fold.

Meanwhile, Stephen looked at the Boston bomber's college friends that have been arrested for aiding him after the attack.
He then looked at the hunger strike going on at Gitmo with retired Lt. Commander Charles Swift, who served as Salim Hamdan's lawyer in winning the Supreme Court case Hamdan v. Rumsfeld.
He then looked at how some of our summer blockbusters are destroying America.
Stephen then interviewed actor Ben Kingsley.

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