Here's the latest evidence that President Obama is a communist menace to free enterprise, apple pie, and the American way:

Dow hits 15K
It's been bouncing around a bit, but on Friday morning the Dow crossed the 15,000 threshold for the first time ever.

And as Meteor Blades wrote earlier, before the markets opened the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report showed that April was the 31st consecutive month of job growth.

Private sector jobs grew by 176,000 in April, according to the report, the 38th consecutive month of private sector job growth. Overall, since Jan. 2009, 2.6 million private sector jobs have been created. Since Feb. 2010, the recessions lowpoint, 6.8 million private sector jobs have been created.

But not everything is good news: Last month, another 11,000 public sector jobs were destroyed. Overall, since Jan. 2009, we've lost three-quarters of a million public sector jobs. And despite a growing population and 38 straight months of private sector job growth, during 26 of those 38 months, public sector employment has fallen.

The private sector is growing, and that's good. But austerity is dragging down the economy as a whole. Everybody would be better off without it.

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