The latest post from the Tea-Party-sphere on Benghazi is as incoherent and lacking in facts as most posts.  But, this week's post is unique in that now the "benghazi truthers" are seeking to eat their own.  

Boehner is being labeled as complicit in preventing a "real" investigation of Benghazi via a House Select Committee out of either fear or RHINO-ism.  

The blog post contains such incredible analyses as this:

Amazingly, Boehner, a supposed Republican, is refusing to initiate the legal mechanism which would investigate Obama, a Democrat, because he knows the bill would pass on the floor of the House. In other words, denying the majority will of the people through their elected Representatives to have Obama investigated on Benghazi.
And this ...
This kind of fawning, sycophantic behavior toward Obama on Boehner's part has had GOP tongues wagging for months creating speculation of the motivation of Boehner protecting Obama from Boehner being threatened by Obama to being mentally ill (Benghazi-Truth's opinion based on Boehner's repeated uncontrollable public sobbing over the slimmest of reasons is that he is mentally ill, and Obama's people have experts in psychology guiding Obama on how to manipulate a person in Boehner's particular psychological state, which basically would wrap it all up these questions in one jigsaw puzzle completed).
How will the bloggers of the Tea Party world manage this crisis?  Through a legally dubious plot to record conversations with Boehner's office and post them to You Tube!

1. A speaker phone.
Do you have a speaker phone option on your land line or cell phone? If not, a new speaker phone can be had cheap at Best Buy (you only need to plug it into an existing outlet, you don't need a new phone line)

2. A computer with a recording option as part of your built-in accessories (it's hard to imagine one in the last ten years that doesn't  this is standard  built-in stuff, so take a peek and see if you have it). You find it by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories (yellow folder icon) > Sound recorder. If you have a desk PC you might need a separate microphone. If you have a laptop it is almost certain your laptop has one build in. It's easy enough to check, turn the sound recorder on and start talking. Play it back. It's safe, no one else will hear it, it's within your own computer. If you hear yourself your laptop is like most and has a built-ion microphone.

So if you have a laptop, all you need is a speaker phone option on your home phone or cell phone. That's all you need.


Start recording.  Dial the number. Ask Boehner's lacky (or whomever) what the rep's position is on House Resolution 36 for a Select Committee on Benghazi. You don't need to be Mike Wallace about it, so don't let lack of confidence deter you. Just do it.



It probably won't take many of these audio/videos, maybe only three or four, before a very alarmed GOP House moves as fast as possible on Benghazi so this sudden power of the people is not felt so well by the people that Congress winds up having to deal with it forever; they would throw Obama under the bus in two seconds if they thought that was their future.

Why go to such extremes?
But if we do it to our own - Republicans - so they know a challenger awaits them in the next set of election primaries, maybe, just maybe, we can wake them up and get them off their butts. And that is what this is about, because once you eliminate the media cover and the lazy, timid behavior of the Congressional GOP, you strip away all of Obama's protection and the fact is he is perhaps the most politically - and legally - vulnerable President in the history of the United States: the economy because of his policies is a disaster, we are under regular attack by Islamic terrorists, this birth record is a criminal forgery, his background is a socio-political nightmare and he is - and here's where gets gets particularly important - almost certainly 100% responsible for the deaths of the people in Benghazi and apparently definitely responsible for the silencing and who-knows-what-else of the 33 Benghazi survivor-witnesses he clearly does not want to see testify. If Obama is impeached because of that the democrat party and media will be left in a smoking ruin and as conservatives that is just exactly what our target objective should and must be to restore the country as we think it should be. So we have to get our guys rolling.
How will the echoes of this latest drum beat in the conservative noise machine reverberate through the media at large?


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