Welcome to the Tuesday Coffee Hour here on Street Prophets. This is an open thread where we can hang out and talk about what’s going on in our worlds. I thought that today might be a good time to have a favorite beverage roll call.

I am a tea drinker and a while ago I posted an essay on Tea: Etymology, History, Geography. While I have in the past had a preference for herbal teas, at the present time my favorite seems to be Earl Grey. I’m also a fan of Irish Breakfast tea. When I have a scratchy throat—a concern since I spend a lot of time talking—I turn to medicinal teas such as Throat Coat.

I am also an occasional coffee drinker. For me, coffee is a social drink which is consumed when I’m out among friends. We don’t really have a coffee maker in the house and I never drink coffee at home. My coffee preference is for Americano, but I do consume an occasional latte. I usually stop and pick up a French Vanilla coffee at a convenience store when I go to AA meetings.

What is your favorite beverage, hot or cold? This is an open thread. Feel free to talk about what’s happening in your life, what you’ve been thinking about and, most important, what’s for dinner?

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