Welcome to Sunday All Day Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. My grandniece babysat the kitties while I was in Indiana getting the house ready to sell. She remarked that she had no idea what most of the stuff in my kitchen was for. I love to cook and have a lot of kitchen gadgets.

The most used thing in the kitchen is Mr. Coffee. He gets set up the night before so I have coffee waiting for me in the morning. When cleaning out Mom’s closet I found an untouched Mrs. Tea for Two still in the box. It is getting a workout too when I switch to caffeine free tea in the afternoon. I have both a microwave and a toaster oven. Both get used a lot.

My grandnephew Tristen who loves to cook has asked if I will leave him my electric wok in my will. Actually he wants my entire kitchen in my will. He has a goofy sense of humor. I use the wok a lot. I also use my electric fry pan. They are great on warm days when I don’t want to heat up the stove.

My Kitchenaid stand mixer gets a real workout especially at Christmas when I am making multiple batches of cookies. The full size food processor gets used a fair amount although I use the mini processor more especially for chopping onions, garlic, and fresh ginger root. I recently got a mandolin for slicing vegetables.

I like steaming vegetables since it is a healthy way to do them and have a set of bamboo steamers that sit on top of my wok. I also love my slow cooker. It is very handy on hot days when I want a meal but again don’t want to heat up the stove or oven. The kitchen is tiny with little ventilation and heats up easily.

Most of my hand tools, knives, spatulas, turners, spoons, etc. are made by Oxo so that I can hold onto them with my arthritis.

So that is my kitchen. What do you have in yours that you use a lot?

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