The Star Telegram made a good call when they predicted Texas Capitol will be a battleground for gun legislation after Rick Perry's Gun Porn Video Welcomes NRA to Houston.

If Saturday’s session of the Texas Legislature were a 1950s Western movie, it might easily be titled Showdown: Gun Fight at the Texas Capitol.

With more than a dozen gun-related bills on the House agenda, including one allowing the right to carry firearms on college campuses, lawmakers will be wrangling over a stampede of legislation directed at protecting Texans’ Second Amendment rights while corralling an over-reaching federal government.

The bills range from the benign to the practical to the outright ridiculous, with the majority simply political grandstanding meant to allow conservative lawmakers an opportunity to display their defiant, emotional and persistent resistance to any form of gun control.

And on a weekend when the National Rifle Association is meeting in Houston, the timing for this barrage of gun and ammunition laws in the House seems opportune for those seeking the favor of the most powerful gun lobby in the country.

Here's the video featuring Governor Rick Perry shown before he addressed the NRA members.

Today, as predicted the Texas House gives quick preliminary approval to several gun bills

The Texas House began speeding through a slate of gun bills Saturday, giving quick preliminary approval to bills to reduce the amount of classroom instruction needed for a concealed handgun permit, allow permits to be renewed online and reduce fees for reserve peace officers, veterans, Texas guard members and correctional officers.
The three bills, which top a list of gun bills up for House consideration, were approved within a half hour. They need a final House vote before heading to the Senate for consideration or consideration of House changes.
And in a later vote Democrats attempted to block with six point of orders they passed yet another one.
 Texas House: Students can carry concealed handguns on college campus
The Texas House Saturday passed a bill that would allow students with concealed handgun licenses to carry firearms in classrooms and buildings.
"The idea that this bill will increase violence is unfounded," said the bill's author Rep. Allen Fletcher, R-Cypress. "I did not file this bill so CHL can be heroes in mass murders, but rather so they can protect themselves from" sexual assaults, robberies, burglaries and car thefts.
When the nation and even Texans want stronger gun laws (universal background checks for all gun sales are supported by 89 percent of Houstonians and 87 percent of Americans nationwide) the Republicans of Texas under Rick Perry want that Gun Business.  

They no doubt made points with the NRA today.

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