"News from the Can" video Blog for May 5th 2013
by R.Crosby Lyles


It’s Sunday May 5th, 2013. My name is R.Crosby Lyles and this is “news from the can.”

Breaking News: Frank Porter Stansberry is at it again. In an article by the New York Times from way back in 2003 entitled “E-mail Stock Tip Tests Limits of Security Laws” Mr. Stansberry’s company Stansberry and associates investment Research apparently sent an email out to “thousands of subscribers to (his) financial newsletters”… “claiming that a certain company’s share price would double after an announcement at a summit meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia.” Twelve hundred subscribers paid about a thousand dollars apiece to learn the name of a company that processes nuclear fuel that may have seen an improvement in the price of the bomb-grade uranium it was buying from Russia to reprocess. According to the New York Times, the summit came and went and the stock price of the enrichment company rose 12% but fell well short of the performance claimed by Stansberry’s company. In 2007 Stanberry was fined $1.5 million by the SEC for fraud in connection with this email, and to date, Stansberry’s appeals have been denied.

According to Steven Nelson of the Daily caller in 2011 Stansberry had a website NewAmerica3.com that predicted dire consequences for the US economy and was basically hawking $49.50 subscriptions to his news letter. The news letter would provide ways to get rich during the economic apocalypse that Stansberry claimed was on the way. Of course Porter Stansberry has also been a guest speaker on Info-Wars with Alex Jones if that tells you anything. Remember that Alex Jones is brought to you by Genesis communication Network another purveyor of doom owned by Ted Anderson who also owns Midas Resources, Inc. a precious metals dealer. Note here, that various personalities on GCN are constantly hawking the need to invest in precious metals to hedge against an apocalyptic future. Indeed, birds of a feather, really do flock together.

Now, just the other day, while I was checking the weather on accuweather.com a thumbnail picture of President Obama with the caption, “End of Obama” stood out from the usual list of advertisements. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the thumbnail and of course I knew instantly that it was one of those endless gloom and doom monologues. You know, one of those ads with a white background that only has voice and text. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to record it with my screen capture program. Although I don’t have sound, I do have a sped up version of the text I recorded so you can see for your self what is on it. For comparison the “End of America” video is on Youtube.

I won’t hold you in suspense, the “End of Obama” presentation is basically just a carbon copy of “The end of America” video that came out in 2011. It hits all of the right-wing economic fear mongering talking points from anti-taxation to U.S. treasury and Fed Policy, but most importantly it is hawking Gold and Silver, and some unknown fabulous investment thing that you have to pay to see. Just as a reminder one of my previous Vlogs entitled “Cults, Rackets, Jesus People, and Gold” covered the relationship between Alex Jones, Ted Anderson, Lyndon Larouche, Fear mongering, and the sales of precious metals. This latest offering from Porter Stansberry is not only a retread of a previous video in a slightly different wrapper but part of the same old scare-racket these people have been using to get your money for years. And, let me emphasize, that making money is what it is all about.

Well, that’s about it for today Sunday May 5th, 2013. My Name is R. Crosby Lyles, and this is “News from the can.”

An accelerated reprint of the "End of Obama" video is provided at the end of this video for proof of its controversial contents and is displayed without the original sound. It is meant to be used as a tool to skim an otherwise intractable presentation (77 minutes reduced to around 25 minutes) with questionable material interspersed throughout. "Stansberry's End of Obama and Gold" is not monetized and should be considered as News.


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