however. in many well paid jobs this means that overtime is a given, time off in lieu, bwahahahaha, you wanna a career? If only.

“For some people, time is more valuable than the cash that would be accrued in overtime,” said Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala., the bill’s chief sponsor. “Why should public-sector employees be given a benefit and the private sector be left out?”
When you are badly paid, it leads to unpaid bills.
Judith Lichtman, senior adviser to the National Partnership for Women and Families, contends the measure would open the door for employers to pressure workers into taking compensatory time off instead of overtime pay.
In a perfect world it would work, but in a world of maximizing corporate profit its just a way of avoiding paying overtime rates.

Flexibility in industry makes sense, peak periods, seasonality, etc etc.

In a well run business "flexitime" really does work at certain levels within the corporation; as long as everyone is on the same page, clock in clock out, no arguments.

“Any time there’s a law that will keep extra money in an employer’s bank account, they will try to push employees to make that choice,” said Jones, who regularly earns overtime pay. “I know how we get taken advantage of and I think this bill will just let employers take even more advantage of us.”
The problem is what has gone before, not what makes sense, hence total mistrust.

After outsourcing, stagnant wages, overblown executive pay, working all hours for no reward as a career move, there needs to be some serious bridge building before flexitime would be acceptable.

Part-time work has been abused so as to avoid paying health care, paid holidays, and pensions.

Why would anyone trust a law made by Republicans/US Chamber of Commerce.

However if a business wants to introduce a voluntary scheme [now that actually does work] but the rules need to be crystal clear. Especially in small businesses like my own, even then if the work is rewarding in itself you sometimes have to insist [strongly].

You don't need a law, you need communication and trust, and that is not what anyone has for today's politicians/corporations.

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