Thought you might be interested in the latest regarding Mark Sanford, the disgraced former governor of South Carolina who now wants to disgrace that state by misrepresenting voters in South Carolina's first Congressional District.

The source  of this article is "The Daily Currant." Here's a link to the article:


The "Daily Currant" is a competitor to the "Onion." So...you might want to take this all with a grain of salt or two.

According to the article, it's unclear where Sanford is. He may be diving in Charleston Harbor or, perhaps, taking another hike along the Appalachian trail by way of Argentina (a somewhat circuitous route, but a path taken by Sanford previously...at taxpayer's expense, by the way.)

Not only is the Sanford campaign concerned about Sanford missing  because they want to be sure he's okay, but, most importantly, they want to be sure he's back in the state in time to be able to cast a vote for himself.

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