Peter Stefan, uncle of the Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev is having problems burying his nephew after Stefan's brother and Tamerlan's mom up and left him to take care of everything... So Stefan is trying to keep within the sanctity of Muslim tradition and bury the body.. But the short sighted bigots of the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts are saying boi,, they cough, sniff, apologize and think it's not "in the best interest" of the town for the body to be buried in their town...  

So, yeah, I'm not in Stefan's shoes but WOW i see a lot of arguments pro and con about this whole story.. First of all, the idiocy of ANY American Cemetery refusing to bury an American citizen who ended his life as a killer is, at best, an inconsistent policy inflamed by pure bigotry.... In the past we've had many bombers, mass murderers who have died and were buried unceremoniously on US soil.... Their bodies were not in question because their religion was not in question... Suddenly, folks think that because Tamerlan was Muslim, he is not worthy of being buried on American soil.. How dare they?

But I can also see by the press that Stefan is getting, he seems to be making a Grand opera of his search... I also think, what ever happened to the concepts of unmarked graves so the upscale, super rich, bigoted foo-froos of Cambridge, Mass won't get high on their dinner wine and go desecrate the cemetery and grave site?

With tongue imbedded in cheek, i recommend that he make up a death certificate and try and get the body buried in an unmarked grave...

Or, in half seriousness, I dare to suggest that Stefan accept that Tamerlan died not keeping within the peaceful Muslim tradition... (Yes, there IS a peaceful Muslim tradition.) If that inflames you, go tell FOX NEWS someone is daring to tell you the truth..Tamerlan;s death brought nothing to enhance the Muslims over Tam's perceived enemies... He was determined to kill men, women and children for NOTHING but his own twisted zealotry... So, I suggest, cremating the body (outside Muslim tradition) should be an option.

I would call the brother and wife and say, "Hey come back and take this body or I'm sending it to you in ashes."

I would stand behind a campaign of the ACLU to get the cemetery to accept the body... but the legal fee is enormous and, even if it were pro bono, how do you protect the plot inhabited bu the dead remains afterwards?

The answer is that you can't... i am glad I am not in the showed of Peter Stefan ... The angst must be overwhelming....

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