Using tax dollars for private education is unconstitutional.

pushed through the Legislature last year by Gov. Bobby Jindal is unconstitutional.

Tuesday's 6-1 decision upholds a state district court ruling that the state constitution forbids using money earmarked for public schools in the state's Minimum Foundation Program to pay for private school tuition

Damn, so should be giving tax dollars to any for private organization, but what the hey if socialism for bankers is just fine?

How is the Minimum Foundation Program funded?

In Fiscal Year 2012, Louisiana’s education budget for kindergarten through high school is $8.7 billion, including $8 billion for local school districts and a half billion for the Recovery School District. More than 99% of the funding goes directly to school districts. The budget for the Louisiana Department of Education is less than one percent of the state’s education budget.
$8 billion up for grabs, privatize now!

Dear Bobby if you want to have private education you pay for it, lock stock and barrel. Using taxes for funding privilege is just wrong, we all know you dont want the rich to pay any tax whatsoever  except for a  regressive sales tax, now you want to feed taxes for all, to the few.


Bloody idiot.

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