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Flamewars are expressly forbidden and political ranting is strongly discouraged.
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Howdy fellow recruits in the Robot Skeleton Army. Here is what our fearless leader had to say last night. (I don't know why onechirimine2 refers to Fearless Leader as "late night douche," do you? It seems disrespectful, yet somehow I feel certain Fearless Leader would approve.)

Tonight's scheduled guests are Ryan Seacrest and Andrea Osvárt.

Thank you, Mr. Man Oh Man for filling in last night. I went to a q-and-a with a writer whom I admire, and lo and behold he talks just as brilliantly as he writes, though he talks more rambly -- his published prose is quite well-disciplined. Some of his stories are breathtakingly insightful, memorable and thought-provoking. In speaking, he goes on so long and far afield I was wishing he would take a breath just so I could take in what he was saying. Some of his asides were rather ranty takes on political topics -- he would fit in quite well here in the Orange Hellhole. Anyway, I got home late and fell in bed and had bad dreams.

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