As an ardent reader of DK for more than four years, I have come to reach two conclusions. The first is that, in almost any political discussion in this country, the more liberal party is destined to come down upon the right side. The second is that, while acknowledging the verdict of history, we must always remain cognizant of the lessons of history. To whit: Too much change too quickly, or for the wrong reasons, or in violation of principles shared with the opposition, is almost always a mistake.

I will be publishing a series of diaries titled 'The Redirect,' in which in this vein I will examine a number of issues, pieces of legislation, and other topics in which liberals, progressives, and the Democratic Party have erred in logic. On many of the topics I will be discussing, I have had people look at me sideways and ask me if I'm sure I’m a Democrat. Rest assured, I come down squarely on the light side of the force. These are simply concerns that have bugged me for some time.

I’m mostly looking to start the discussion here. Meaning that I am, unlike most internet writers, positively eager to read your responses picking apart my logic. More than anything, I’m hoping you enjoy reading these. They represent the best my mind can construct in the Devil’s Advocate, and improvement is only possible through coherent criticism.

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