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                                    “YOU PICKED ORANGE” by SSK
                           CHAPTER 18 (I think)

A question from me to you, and it will be quick and (depending on your response) painless, because although I am fucking up the chapter #'s like a professional chapter-fucker-upperer, here's the q:

Does anyone want me to continue? I'm having a ball doing this, and I will most assuredly continue (and it will NOT end like that Marly dog book, chas v'chelilah) but I just wanted to know if, even with the chapter number idiocy (totally my fault):

Should I keep going on here?

If you say yes, please please. We are enjoying it, please do go on, I will happily and delightedly continue. It's a kick, truly. And, as you know, cathartic. It's just taken me so very long to begin it, because, if you haven't noticed by now, I am somewhat superstitious, chas v'chalilah. I have never read that Marly book, but I'm not completely clueless: I know where that shit ends up. (I'm still angry with my mother for letting me watch "Old Yeller".)

If you do not want me to continue, go bite a bear.

And let me know how that works out for ya.

Smiley face.

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