His memory started slipping in his fifties. Early Alzheimer's.

He got it from our dad.

What kills me is he was so devoted to learning. He studied & became a rocket scientist. He overcame all the barriers kids like us faced. Single mom, alcoholic, semi literate, immigrant from Latin America. He was a nerd.

I was a class A fuck-up. Wild, bad choices, regret everything I ever did. I was a very clever dumbass.

I wish I could forget, but I remember everything. I'll remember every stupid thing I ever did.

But my brother can't remember the last thing he said.

Man, that's just not fair.

I am grateful that he says he loves me.

I love him too.

He is a sweet, loving man.

I think he'll be ok.

As long as I live, he'll have me. Possibly the only person he remembers eventually.

He seems to remember the good times. Thank Heaven for that.

It just isn't fair. I wish I could forget, & he should get to remember.

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