If anyone can convince me that today's GOP does not hate America, now would be the time to do it. Seriously, if you have any proof that the House Majority is not run by anti-American underground terrorists who wish to destroy our nation, please, please, please. Prove it.

Let's take Lamar Seeligson Smith. GOP Reprehensible from Texas. Graduate of some episcopal brain-washing prep school in Texas, and a proud irrational grad of Southern Methodist Law School. Divorced, remarried, and a practicing Christian Scientist. Married to a Christian Scientist teacher. You know, those morons who pray the illness away.

Among other things, Christian Scientists subscribe to a radical form of philosophical idealism, and believe that "spiritual reality" is the only reality. The material world is only an illusion. That explains a lot about Lamar.


We have this group of congresscritters who sit around and when not crapping their pants, they figure out ways to screw over the country. One of the biggest pant-crapping groups is called the Committee on Science, Space and Technology. For reasons that we will never hear, the GOP majority decided to staff this important committee with morons, imbeciles, idiots, half-wits, blockheads and dunces. You know. Republicans.

(as an aside, you should know that the technical definition of a "moron"  is a stupid person with a mental age of between seven to twelve years. In Smith's case, that might be generous.)

The Soviet Union was famous for doing several things extremely well (space industry, jet planes, assault weapons, and battle tanks) and doing other things extremely poorly. Google Mendel and Lysenko and see what I mean.

Here's a bit from the Smithsonian in 2010.; Unfortunately, it applies even more today:

Whenever I hear that some political figure has attempted to legislate science to suit the convenience of their political beliefs—and this happens fairly frequently, even here in the United States—I think back to biology class and the story of Trofim Lysenko in the early years of the Soviet Union.

Lysenko, Joseph Stalin’s director of biology, was head of a group of animal and plant breeders who rejected the science of genetics—particularly as developed by Gregor Mendel and Thomas Hunt Morgan—as being foreign, impractical, idealistic and a product of “bourgeois capitalism.” Instead, these Soviets promoted the work of fellow countryman Ivan V. Michurin. Michurin believed in a neo-Lamarckian form of evolution. You may recall the classic example of Lamarckian evolution that held that giraffes stretched their necks into such long lengths and then passed on that trait to their direct offspring. Michurin’s system was an advanced form of that.


In their worst nachtmare, I doubt that the writers at Smithsonian could have imagined Lamar Smith. Nor could they have anticipated his newest concoction, the seriously misnamed High Quality Research Act.

The whole point of this proposed bill is to allow the Committee on Science, Space and Technology to have veto power over any scientific research, and allow them to pull funds as they see fit, and hand those funds over to their cronies and campaign donors.

If the Chinese or Soviets had wanted to destroy our scientific prowess, to put America back in the scientific stone age, or to equate our research and development with that of Stalin, I doubt they could have done as much damage as Lamar Smith is proposing to do. Talk about the enemy within.


is it a crime against humanity to put a christian scientist in charge of a nation's science programs?

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