What century are we in again?

Richwine’s dissertation asserts that there are deep-set differentials in intelligence between races. While it’s clear he thinks it is partly due to genetics — “the totality of the evidence suggests a genetic component to group differences in IQ” — he argues the most important thing is that the differences in group IQs are persistent, for whatever reason. He writes, “No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites, but the prediction that new Hispanic immigrants will have low-IQ children and grandchildren is difficult to argue against.”
He then does some Republican logic
He does caution against referring to it as IQ-based selection, saying that using the term “skill-based” would “blunt the negative reaction.”
Oh dear they might just be labelled racist assholes...change the words.


Eugenics is the applied science of the bio-social movement which advocates practices to improve the genetic composition of a population, usually a human population.[2][3] Eugenics is widely referred to as a pseudoscience[4] and is infamously linked to the racial policies that led to Nazi Germany's Holocaust.[5]
So basically what this raving loon with the blessing of the Heritage Foundation is promoting IQ based on race, gosh that does sound familiar.

Perhaps before they get too excited and dress up in uniforms they should all be subjected to an IQ test,Jim DeMint first:

In addition to reiterating anti-choice talking points on abortion and backing "traditional marriage," according to the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, the senator went further and "said if someone is openly homosexual, they shouldn't be teaching in the classroom and he holds the same position on an unmarried woman who's sleeping with her boyfriend -- she shouldn't be in the classroom."

Unmarried women, oh the shame
Evil gays.
Stupid foreigners.
Where have we heard all that before?

Gosh this stuff writes itself. This is what happens when you have an African-American President; all their built in prejudices that they previously tried to hide, come spewing out.

Can you feel the outreach yet?

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