I have a job offer from the Randalls Island Foundation that maintains the 60 odd ball fields, the great lawn on Randalls Island and the Ichan Stadium area. Currently I am living in western central CT so a relocation is the only way for me to accept this job offer.

The offer is for a seasonal position that pays $15 an hour, overtime will be mandatory during events (30k-40k). This should/may lead to an offer for a full time position.

I am a graduate of the Rutgers Golf Turf Management program, and have been out of the turf business for a long time. I recently posted my resume online and got a response that led to an interview and a job offer.

Working in my field of academic endeavor means better pay of course and may lead to something better down the line, so I am pumped.

So I need to find something close to Randalls Island, thru at least November.

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