So as pointed out by several people here on Daily KOS, the verdict on the Jodi Arias trial and the story about the abducted women returning home in Cleveland have stepped a bit on Darrell Issa's three ring Benghazi hearing.  

As a thought experiment, I wonder if we fellow KOS readers could get the ball rolling on a viral conspiracy theory on behalf of the right wing with the end goal being to hear it pop out of the mouth of some Republican congressman in a week.  

A conspiracy that someone connected with the Jodi Arias trial, the Cleveland story and/or the media timed these events in order to protect the President.  

1.)  Go to a right wing story or post on Darrell Issa's hearing today: Politico, anything linked by Drudge or RCP.  

2.)  In the comments section, post a comment about how someone in the Jodi Arias Trial, the Cleveland abduction story or the media specifically stepped on Issa's hearing in order to protect the President RE: Benghazi.  

3.)  Post info on the conspiracy you created, the place you posted it and the date in the comments to this diary.  (Perhaps don't link to your comments, since too many readers flooding out of KOS to an article might be a tip-off that the comment is a trolling.)

4.)  When your conspiracy pops-up in a Drudge link or out of the mouths of a US congress person, write a diary and link to this diary / your comment.  

Some ideas for conspiracy fodder:

Judge Sherry Stevens from the Arias trial was an assistant attorney general in Arizona during the Clinton administration.  That's it, but doesn't that SOUND sinister?

The jury reached a verdict on Jodi Arias around 3:00 Eastern, but why was the verdict delayed until 4:30 Eastern if not to create a media storm to block Issa's hearing from front page to page 2 of media reports?

Cleveland is a hotbed of Democrats.  President Obama must have called the Dems in Cleveland and asked them to stretch out the home coming until the middle of Issa's hearing.

Okay gang ... GO!

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