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So we need to get him a replacement before we lose his input and voice here on DKOS.

More below the dooblydoo.

He has not provided an email for PayPal - so I'm seeking advice on how to get the money in one place:

1. I can take it in mine and post a running tally - I have a debit card for my PayPal account and can order and ship to him - OR - deliver cash when I hit Portland. I expect to be there by the end of May - but that may be too long for him to wait.

2. I can create an account specifically for this project for funds and we can order and ship to him from somewhere online that takes PayPal.

3. If someone knows his PayPal name/can get him to cough up a PayPal name we can just dump it in there and he can order and self ship.

4. Someone else in the area can take the funds in their PayPal and do one of the above.

But if we can - we should do something.  I am not a techie, so WHAT to buy is not the issue at the moment - because I don't know what will suit his needs best.  I DO know it needs to be reasonable fast, have enough memory to handle LOTS of open browsers and be something he is familiar with - I don't think this is an Apple situation or budget. (And I confess, I hate them. But that's me.)  He is like Data and Spock combined when using the internet - he needs something that can keep up with him, not the other way around.

So let's see what we can do and get it done, yes?  Be sure to vote in the poll and put your choice in your initial response - obviously you don't need to keep listing it in discussions down thread.


That asshole Mortifyd who thinks Horace is cool and an asset to our community. :D


How do we get the funds to the compy store?

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