The administration of the Temecula Valley Unified School District is reeling from a new jaw-dropping allegation that can now be revealed.

A Temecula middle school assistant principal recruited a special education student to pose as “bait” in an on-campus drug sting despite his parents’ objections, according to a claim for damages filed against the school district this week.


The boy’s mother said an assistant principal concocted a plan last semester to have her son help catch a fellow student who was suspected of selling marijuana on campus. The assistant principal instructed the boy to ask the student for marijuana and said she would secretly watch the transaction.

When the boy went home that day, he told his mother about it. The whole thing sounded so outrageous that, at first, she thought he was joking, the mother said.


The mother said she called the school that day. The assistant principal told her that they needed her son’s help to catch a student believed to be selling drugs.

“I said, ‘No, absolutely not. That’s not my family’s problem … Don’t you involve my son,’” the mother recalled.

Despite the mother's clear objections, the school proceeded with their sting operation the next day and the special needs student, who had been "deputized" by the administration, was pressured into participating, as planned. After he received marijuana from the student who was the target in the sting, the assistant principal jumped in and the sheriff's department was called.

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I'll share some more information and thoughts after the jump.

Since I first shared the details of our autistic son's arrest, I have repeatedly mentioned that there is much more going on than my wife and I can publicly share, and that remains true, even with this latest revelation, which we have known about for some time. We will continue to share new developments and revelations when we are able.

It is interesting to note that the the incident reported above happened on a day that was remarkably close to the day our son was arrested. In our personal thoughts, we wonder how various administrators within the Temecula Valley Unified School District suddenly decided to become involved in undercover sting operations that had many similar characteristics, and what made them feel they had justification to proceed?

It is also noteworthy that the Temecula Valley Unified School District continues to make curious use of it's funds. On the same day they received this latest notice of claim, which comes on the heels of our son's notice of claim, the school board authorized the layoff of 40 teachers.

And today, we are expecting to receive notice from a process server indicating that the District will be appealing the March 8 judge's order to have our son returned to his school.

It appears to us that the District is more interested in continuing an endless and very expensive vendetta against our son and our family than focusing on serving the students and taxpayers.

The Judge’s decision was based on the weight of the evidence and factual findings from the witnesses’ testimony, and she ruled in favor of our son on both issues. In her decision, she wrote, “Student has overwhelmingly demonstrated that his actions were a manifestation of his disability”.

In order for the expulsion process to be revived against our son, the District would have to persuade a Federal Judge that the Administrative Law Judge abused its discretion when making its factual findings and legal conclusions on not just one, but both of the issues, which is quite ambitious and misguided. Even if an appeal were to be heard, our son will likely have graduated by that time, which would make expulsion irrelevant, and the District’s true motive questionable.

This questionable use of public funds remains a significant issue for the TVUSD, and this frivolous appeal would be prolonged and costly. In fact, during the 2011-2012 school year, the district paid over half a million dollars in legal fees for special education legal related matters alone, and we don’t even know yet how much they spent going after our son. These are decisions made by people with steep six figure salaries while school programs, staff, supplies, etc. are slashed or eliminated. We question this poor judgment.

Is this only the tip of the iceberg? Stay tuned.

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