I think this is brilliant. It's John Fugelsang’s rant about South Carolina after Mark Sanford won the recent special election.

More under the orange croissant of liberalism

Here’s the video, which is a non-stop well-written flood of words, mostly about Mark Sanford (announced sarcastically as a message from the South Carolina Board of Tourism):

Watch and listen to the whole thing. Here are a few highlights:

I love this line:

Our bottomless supply of duplicitous double-talking teabags.
He shames Strom Thurmond, Lindsey Graham, Joe Wilson, Jim DeMint, and Andre Bauer. (He mistakenly says Strom Thurmond fought against segregation -- I think he meant Thurmond fought against integration. Probably a typo in the script. We know what he means.)

He talks about Mark Sanford’s Argentine girlfriend and trespassing in his ex-wife’s home.

He concludes with this:

Because from being the first state to quit America so we could keep slaves to cutting our entire state’s HIV/AIDS budget, we’ve got a breath-taking history of being manly men with a manly devotion to man’s inhumanity to man. Our politicians believe Darwin was wrong and we here in South Carolina are here to prove it.
I love it.
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