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Well, patch 5.3 is fast approaching. Blizzard has released a guideto the patch, which WoW insider reports on here.

Big changes for PvP gear, the return of gear upgrades, and more ways to get Lesser Charms feature strongly. As there is no new raid tier, there will probably not be a currency conversion.

They also suggest that you update your video card drivers.

Here's this week's Team RubiPam raid report from Pamena:

Team RubiPam report:

Well, we continue to be stuck on Horridon - Jin'rokh is a faceroll now, but Horridon is quickly taking on Stone Guard status for me as a roadblock. We can't seem to get the third door down either at all, or quickly enough to let us survive the rest of the fight. We've tried all different permutations - tanking the dino near the raid, tanking him far away, having a dedicated healer on Xoff as he tanks the dino, having Joravik try healing and dps in shadow spec on Xoff, and on and on. We will try again tonight. I will say, having read a lot on forums and elsewhere, that we are far from the only casual raiding group having trouble with this fight, so at least we're not just superbad. We'll get it, I'm sure, just don't know how long it will take.

Fire Kitty Run:

I found out reading Wowinsider that there is a little (literally) surprise for druids waiting in the Firelands - Burning Seeds, right around the portal near Majordomo Staghelm, that only druids can loot, that turn you into a fire kitty, a la the Majordomo staff that always seemed to drop when there was no druid in the raid. Druids can only carry 5 of the seeds at a time, but you can extend the lockout each week (I don't think there's a limit on the number of extensions, but I could be wrong about that) and go back in for more.

So I organized a Firelands run Friday night, and it was great fun - I was kind of dreading clearing up to Majordomo, but with Carune and Ash in there with us, the 9 of us made short work even of Rhyolith! We got to Majordomo, everyone brought in their druids and got a couple of seeds - we then went on to kill Rags and, as Nina said as she was listening to us in vent, OMG that was fast! So now my druid Rosalinde has the lockout, and I'll be glad to take other druids in as people want to each week to get Fire Kitty seeds! The effect lasts an hour and you can go into combat that way, but you of course have to be in cat form for it to work - Taymatt put a picture Tvath had taken of us all on the front page of the web site, so check it out!

And here's the Team Kaels report from Ninotchka:
Throne of Thunder is a huge raid instance. This causes some problems when you’re trying to clear farm content in order to get to the new stuff, and you only raid two nights a week. Last week we extended our lockout, and were rewarded with new kills of Durumu (the laser eyeball monster) and Primordius (the mutating lizard thing).

But there are still a lot of upgrades in earlier content, so this week we decided to try to clear the earlier bosses again. We recruited Jantuk from Team Z as our other tank, and added an extra raid night on Tuesday. We had a decent run of it, cleared the first three bosses, and had high hopes of clearing the rest of the content last night so that we would have all Friday to work on new stuff. Alas, it was not to be. We had some wipes due to complete idiocy on my part, some miscommunication, and only managed to down 3 of the 5 bosses we had set out to kill. Durumu, I hate you. Hopefully we’ll have better coordination on Friday and get past the point we were at last week. Next week I’ve been roped into more Girl Scout stuff (camping on the beach near an amusement park with a gaggle of preteen girls – pity me), so I’m hoping we can work out the kinks with our farm bosses before then.

I'd like to apologize to everyone for not running the raid LFR on Tuesday - we had been doing it for 3 weeks and I know folks were getting used to running it regularly, and we didn't communicate our change of plans well with the rest of the guild. Or with the folks in our group, come to think of it. More communication is better.

And a special thank you to Jantuk for joining us. He's a delight to co-tank with, very good on the taunt switches and doesn't make me fight for aggro. Come to think of it, all of our Wreck List tanks are quite fun to run with. Must be something about being a liberal lefty that makes the ego less of a problem.

Well, I'll tell you right now I have a terrible time with trading off aggro. Much like using my cooldowns correctly or any other skill you'd expect from a tank besides blind dumb mute bloody-minded mulish stubbornness.

On the other hand, the only people that have to deal with my terrible tanking are the brave souls that take on the Saturday Night Massacre, which I will discuss with the Team Z report:

Team Z Raid Report:

Well, much like Team RubiPam is stuck on Horridon, we continue to have issues with Elegon. But we're getting into the last phase pretty often, getting at least three sparks down per Draw Power phases, and we got Elegon below twenty percent. We're working on incrementing up and optimizing our DPS for this encounter. Elegon is a dead energy mechanical robot computer dragon walking.

Saturday Night Massacre:

Well, having Ninotchka come tank for us made the Saturday Night Massacre pretty much of a faceroll. We downed the Sha of Anger, Galleon, and Nalak pretty quickly, and got some gear for guildies and PuGs. We're not doing Oondasta yet because we need a few more raid teams to help, and we're not doing LFRs or heritage raids because I'm sleepy and I go to bed.

But we could. We're ripping through the world bosses we do fight and can get PuGs for faster every week. And you don't have to quit just because I'm going to bed. You do, however, have to tell me what you did after so I can report it here.

That's all I have this week. For the Horde!
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