Image from Markey campaign video shows Gabriel Gomez next to image of Preisdent Obama contained in video by Gomez's anti-Obama group
Gomez, appearing for OPSEC, which he totally doesn't have anything to do with, to smear Obama
Hmmm ... it looks like being a swift boater might not be going over so well in Massachusetts for Republican Gabriel Gomez, who of course wants to fill John Kerry's vacated seat (you know, Kerry, the guy against whom swift-boating was invented). To refresh your memory, Gomez has acted as spokesperson for OPSEC, the GOP-aligned group of right-wing veterans who ran ads in 2012 trying to swiftboat President Obama over Osama bin Laden and Benghazi.

Now, after having appeared on national cable television news as spokesperson for OPSEC, Gomez is frantically trying to deny that he ever had anything at all to do with the group.

At a campaign event in Boston on Tuesday, Gomez addressed his involvement with the group.

“As far as OPSEC, I did two interviews for OPSEC. I was never associated with OPSEC. I never donated to OPSEC. I wasn’t part of OPSEC,” he said. [...]

“I was never connected with them in the first place. I just went on there because we overlapped on that issue about the president taking too much credit and, more importantly, they leaked information that was bad for the unit down there and it put their lives at risk,” he said.

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No, he was never associated with them. He was just the person they put on national TV as their spokesperson. It was just a totally bizarre coincidence that they "overlapped" on a $500,000 effort to smear Obama. But why is he working so hard to distance himself from OPSEC? Maybe because it's hurting him. Bad. Polling seems to be widening in Democrats Ed Markey's favor. Last week PPP polling showed a slim, four-point advantage for Markey. Two new polls released today show that lead opening.

The most believable, from MassINC Polling Group for WBUR, has Markey leading by six points, 41 to 35 percent with decided voters, opening up to eight, 46 to 38 percent, when undecided leaners are included. Another, from Suffolk University/7News, seems to be a bit of an outlier, gives Markey a 17-point lead, 52-35. What's kind of important in this instance, though, is Obama's approval rating in the state, which Suffolk pegs at 67 percent. Direct attacks against Obama are not a smart thing for a Massachusetts Republicans, and Gomez has apparently just figured that out.

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Originally posted to Joan McCarter on Thu May 09, 2013 at 10:52 AM PDT.

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