Isn't it great? I'm doing a happy dance.

I'm a woman aged 55 who was laid off beginning of Dec 2012. I have no degrees but I have been working for 35 years (40+ years if you include babysitting in my early teens). Once I went full-time at 19 or so, I've always worked in manufacturing for God's sake. I've been laid off by some (most?) of the top companies in Silicon Valley.

I've been terrified these last months looking at the statistics for the over 50 crowd and approaching the 6 month mark that makes me "long term" unemployed.

Then today I got a call and an offer. I'm starting Monday. Isn't it great? I'm staggered.

I'll have my clothes laid out Sunday night as I have to leave the house around 6AM. I'm going business casual, with either some black "skinny" jeans or khakis with a nice blouse and new shoes I picked up at the thrift store but no one could ever tell because they're nicer than anything you get at the Target or Walmart.

I'm going to make a ham and cheese on wheat with some chips for lunch and I'll pack a banana and some strawberries, maybe an apple in my lunch box along with milk and a couple juice boxes.

I've googled the area and think I can find some nice walking paths as the company is located within blocks of the American River Parkway. I'll learn more once I get in there and I imagine some of my new co-workers will also like walking at their breaks and lunches and will give me some tips or maybe even invite me to walk with them.

Isn't it great?

A pay cut (35%) and health care won't kick in until September but isn't this great.

I wish this for all my fellow Kossacks who may be having sleepless nights. To pack a lunch and go to work. Take heart.

I mean really, isn't it fabulous! I'm doing a happy dance.

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