Joe Walsh speaking on YouTube
Dare we dream?
America's most famous No Longer A Deadbeat Dad is back in the news, of sorts. Ex-congressman Joe Walsh is one of the nine or so names being considered for Illinois' new Republican Party Chairman, a spot that just opened up after previous Chair Pat Brady was ousted for having insufficient disrespect for gay people and other apparent … difficulties. Walsh joins a prestigious list of contenders, including "President of Chicago Young Republicans guy," "failed State Attorney candidate" and "brother in law of a state rep guy." Does he have the chops to take on such fearsome competition? We'll see, but we're all cheering for ya here, Walsh. Give it your no-longer-a-deadbeat best.

This, though, needs to win some sort of actual, trophy-having award:

The architect behind Brady's ousting and a GOP conservative, state Sen. Jim Oberweis (R-Sugar Grove), said there is a plan and it's underway. That is, airing out the committee's nominees and suggestions and coming up with a person who can find some middle ground. […]

"I believe that a very sound process is underway," Oberweis said. And, looking forward: "We want to find a candidate who does appeal to both the conservatives and the liberals within the party and who will be a uniter who will bring those people together rather than a divider who would cause conflict."

Yes. Someone to bring together the "conservatives" and the "liberals" in the Republican Party. No—just savor it. That one is state Sen. Jim Oberweis' gift to all of us.

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